• Conducting search;
  • Prosecution of Design application before the Indian Patent & Design Office;
  • Design annuity management;
  • Design cancellation proceeding;
  • Post registration services;
  • Design infringement analysis;


For quite a few in the market, be it the domestic or the international, at the time of making a purchase, not only does the practical utility and efficiency matters but also the aesthetics matters. For some beauty strikes the chord, for some the strange and bizarre inspire, for some the fine lines of an original artiste make a world of difference and for some just a mere catchy flare is enough. In any event, an article may sell better only because of its particular design regardless of its utility than any other article dispensing the same function but without the similar design. It is to save these intrinsic shapes, sizes, designs, colours that the protection is given to the persons actually toiling to get the intrinsic shapes, sizes, designs, colours since using these designs are profitable due to attracting more customers.


One has to understand that much thought, time, expense and research goes into discovering that one design which renders a particular article in a market of other competitive articles, stick out as prominent. It is this prominence that affects sales and increases profits. The object of design registration is basically to see that the originator of a design is not deprived of his reward by impersonators.


There’s something very interesting in designs amongst other things: the right conferred by registration is also called ‘copyright’, but not the copyright under the Copyright Act.