• Novelty & Prior Art Search;
  • Drafting of specifications;
  • Prosecution of Patent application of invention;
  • Prosecution of PCT international application with the Indian Patent Office as the receiving office;
  • Patent annuity management;
  • Post registration/grant services;


A Patent is an exclusive right granted to an inventor of a new and useful article or an improvement of an existing article. A patent is also granted in case a new process is deciphered for the purposes of making an article, the process being absolutely unlike the practiced process of creating the article.


The Patent gives its owner a monopoly for the manufacture, commercial use and distribution over the new article, improvement and/or the new process for a limited period. Patent is the form of intellectual property per excellence. A patent may be granted in respect of a new invention capable of industrial application and gives a monopoly right that can last up to 20 years.


The essentials of an identifiable Patent are novelty, inventive step; lack of obviousness and sufficiency of description and the same remain a constant.